Bird feeding. Is it possible to give sorrel to chickens and how to do it correctly?

Bird feeding. Is it possible to give sorrel to chickens and how to do it correctly?

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Nutrition of chickens is one of the main issues for their owners. Not everything that grows in the garden can be given to chickens. This can cause significant damage to the farm.

Sorrel is a common crop that breeders of these birds are interested in when considering whether they are allowed to give it.

Is it possible to give sorrel to chickens and how to do it correctly? To answer this question, you need to study the properties of sorrel.

Can birds eat the plant?

Experienced breeders do not recommend feeding chickens with this product. It contains acid, which negatively affects the digestion of poultry, causing various disorders and impairing health. At the same time, this plant contains vitamins that are useful. For this reason, it can be given in the smallest amount: no more than twice a month.

You should also pay attention to sorrel seeds. They are useful because they contain vitamins. Such an addition to food will allow chickens to avoid diseases, make them healthier. But sorrel seeds should be given no more than once every two weeks in limited quantities: no more than a handful. Overeating of seeds threatens chickens with a worsening of their condition.

Are chickens allowed?

You cannot feed chickens with sorrel. Their fragile body is not ready for acidic foods. There is a high likelihood of an eating disorder. Sorrel seeds are also contraindicated for use at an early age.

What variety can you still feed?

Can sorrel be given to chickens?

Experts are allowed to give horse sorrel, but in moderation, avoiding overeating. This plant contains many vitamins that birds need, but due to the presence of acid, the product cannot be called safe. They are fed once a week.

What is useful for adult birds and chickens?

The the product is useful in that it contains vitamin C, which strengthens the body... With its help, the development of various diseases can be prevented. It also contains vitamins of group B and A. They improve the general condition. It contains minerals such as:

  • iron;
  • magnesium;
  • manganese;
  • copper;
  • calcium.

They have a beneficial effect on the work of the heart, blood vessels, and the digestive system. The optimal balance of fluid in the body is maintained. Birds are full of strength and energy.

How to properly feed grass?

Before you feed sorrel, you need to familiarize yourself with the feeding rules.


Add dry sorrel to food in a chopped form... 3-4 leaves of this plant are crushed and mixed with the main food. Such a supplement should be in the diet once every two weeks, but not more often, to prevent an eating disorder.

This plant is given all year round to maintain the required amount of vitamins in the body of birds. Such an additive is especially suitable at lunchtime, when the digestive organs work intensively and easily assimilate the incoming substances.


When fresh, the plant can be consumed by chickens in two different ways.

  • The first way: adding sorrel to the main food. 3-4 leaves are chopped and mixed with food.
  • The second way: planting and growing a plant with a feeding place for birds. Then they themselves will peck greens, stocking up on nutrients.

Experts warn that in pure form, fresh sorrel can be consumed by birds only in rare casesbecause it tastes sour, birds don't like it. To solve this problem, the plant is simply added to food. It is better to grind it as much as possible.

Birds are fed with this product twice a month. More frequent feeding threatens digestive upset. Suitable for feeding lunchtime. It is not recommended to give in the evening: digestion slows down at this time and vitamins are less absorbed.

In what form is it better to use?

Chickens will receive the maximum amount of nutrients if they are given fresh sorrel with food. Then they will eat the entire portion eaten, and the body will be filled with vitamins and minerals.

During the drying process, sorrel loses some of its beneficial properties.... For this reason, it is less useful when dry.

How not to be confused with poisonous herbs?

There are many plants that resemble sorrel in appearance. Some crops are poisonous. It is important to know the differences between this plant and the rest in order to avoid unpleasant consequences.

Sorrel leaves are large, the stem is thick underneath with a reddish tinge. The color of the leaves is light or bright green. The plant is soft to the touch. If it is young, the leaves are thin. On average, they reach 8-10 cm in size.

the main a distinctive feature of sorrel is a sour taste that cannot be confused with anything... If the harvested plant does not have this flavor, it is most likely not sorrel.

Sorrel is a plant that contains many vitamins. It is useful to consume not only people, but also chickens in moderation. By adding it to the main food of birds, it will be possible to maintain their health and well-being. They will become strong, strong, it will be possible to prevent the development of ailments.

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