The reasons for the appearance of green bugs on sorrel. How to treat the plant and how to prevent the threat?

The reasons for the appearance of green bugs on sorrel. How to treat the plant and how to prevent the threat?

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Housewives use sorrel in cooking and preservation. It is a cold-resistant plant. One of the first to appear on the beds. Sorrel contains many vitamins, minerals and various acids.

Despite the fact that sorrel is an acidic plant, pests are overly interested in it. Often on the plant you can see small green bugs, they devour young leaves, gnaw holes.

Gardeners do not always know what to do with bugs that eat sorrel, how to process the beds, what means can be used to water the leaves to get rid of the leaf beetle.

What are these bugs that eat the plant, what do they look like in the photo?

The sorrel beetle is very fond of feasting on leaves of young sorrel.... It's easy to recognize. A shiny greenish or bluish beetle, ranging in size from 4 to 6 mm. Belongs to the chrysomelin family. In a sexually mature female, the abdomen is strongly swollen. Because of this, she moves rarely and slowly. The wings during this period cover the abdomen only partially.

The pest hibernates in the bowels of the soil. At the end of May, the beetles begin to mate and lay eggs of yellowish or orange tones. Dirty yellow leaf beetle larvae. They intensively eat leaf parenchyma. Only the upper skin of the leaves remains intact. When they are full, the larvae pupate in the soil and after a week, young bugs can be observed on the sorrel.

Leaf beetles instantly gnaw holes in the sorrel leaves. If you do not take measures to combat parasites, the harvest of greens will not be large.

In central Russia, two generations of pests appear per season, while in the south there are several of them. Pests can also be encountered in Central Asia, the United States, the Caucasus, Turkey and Korea.

Next photo you can see what the green beetle looks like.

Causes of the appearance of the leaf beetle

Sorrel is one of the few crops that is well protected from pests due to the presence of acids in the roots and leaves. However, among insects there are lovers of this plant. Bugs appear in any weather, they love young sorrel leaves, and as a result of their invasion, the crop loses its attractive appearance or is unsuitable for eating.

The appearance of parasites is evidenced by the appearance of holes on the leaves, discoloration, drying and cessation of growth.

What harm does it cause and can such foliage be eaten?

The leaf beetle causes considerable harm to the crop. He gnaws holes in the foliage, while eating away pieces of tissue.

If pest control is not carried out, the sorrel crop will be lost. After the appearance of insects, it is advisable to treat the greens with folk or chemical means. If the treatment was carried out with special chemicals, such sorrel cannot be eaten.

How to get rid of sorrel beetles?

It is imperative to fight sorrel beetles.... But it is complicated by the fact that plants are eaten almost entirely. Therefore, it is undesirable to use chemicals for processing.

Collect by hand

If the sorrel has grown a little, you can pick the bugs by hand. Adults 3-4 mm long are very noticeable. Collect them in a strong salt solution or in a solarium. Yellow eggs are laid there, laid by the female on the back of the leaf.

Traditional methods without chemistry: how and with what to process the plant?

You can get rid of the pest using folk methods. There are several of them:

  • Treatment of growing crops with a mixture of tobacco dust and ash, mixed in a 1: 1 ratio.
  • Dusting the leaves with hot, ground pepper.
  • Using herbal infusion. Rub 0.5 kg of garlic arrows on a grater and pour in three liters of water. The solution is kept for three days. Then it is diluted in 10 liters of water.
  • Infusion of tobacco leaves.
  • Digging of beds and aisles.
  • Throwing a spunbond over the plant. Thanks to this, the sorrel beetle will not be able to get to the treat and an early good harvest will be obtained.
  • Spraying with a solution of garlic and laundry soap.

You can mow the affected sorrel and burn the tops. Water the garden bed thoroughly and feed, and then sprinkle with ashes. Sorrel grows well and gives a rich harvest of clean foliage.

Is it possible to fight with chemicals and how to spray?

As for various chemicals, it is undesirable to use them on sorrel.... If there are too many bugs on the site, you can treat the culture with drugs such as "Bitoxibacillin" or "Fitoverm".

Also, gardeners buy Agrovertin, Iskra bio. But you can spray the culture two weeks before the collection of the leaves. So, bitoxibacillin can be purchased from 30 rubles per sachet. And for a bag of "Fitoverma" you will have to pay 20 rubles. Whereas 5 ml costs 20 rubles, and 50 ml costs 199 rubles.

Fitoverm is practically harmless to humans. Two days are enough for the drug to disintegrate in fruits and culture. They can be eaten after two days. It paralyzes bugs almost instantly. Insects stop moving, feeding and reproducing.

How to use Fitoverm:

  1. The water-soluble concentrate is diluted in water and made up to the required volume by dilution in water.
  2. Garden plants are treated at the rate of 2-10 ml of the drug per 1-4 liters of water. But for more details on how to dilute the drug for a particular culture, you need to read the instructions.
  3. Treatment with a solution should be carried out early in the morning or late in the evening in dry, calm weather.

How can a pest be prevented?

  • It is recommended to grow sorrel in one place for no more than three years. Thanks to this, the plant will not be affected by parasites and hurt. If we weed it in a timely manner and remove plant residues, this will significantly reduce the chances of pests. But it will not save the owners from fighting insects if they are already in the garden.
  • You can prevent leaf beetles by planting aromatic herbs such as chamomile, coriander, basil, or calendula. There are special tools for each bug, the effectiveness of which has been tested by time.
  • The tincture of pyrethrum helps well in the fight against leaf beetles. It is sprayed with it several times during the summer.
  • In addition, you can sow sorrel at the other end of the plot, where any crops from the buckwheat family (sorrel, rhubarb and others) have not been grown before.

If you take timely measures to combat the leaf beetle, the sorrel will delight the owners with a rich harvest.

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