The best ways to get a good harvest. How to soak carrot seeds before planting?

The best ways to get a good harvest. How to soak carrot seeds before planting?

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Carrots are an unpretentious vegetable, but when growing this crop, especially among inexperienced gardeners, some problems may arise.

In order to get a rich harvest, not only the soil is prepared, but also the seeds. The best way to prepare seeds for planting is by soaking. Soaked seeds sprout faster and give better yields.

In this article, we will consider in detail the various methods of soaking carrot seeds before sowing them.

How long before sowing to soak to quickly sprout?

Important... Seed soaking is directly related to the time of planting.

Carrot seeds may or may not dry depending on the method of steeping... If the chosen method does not imply drying the seeds, then it is worth planting immediately after soaking. As a result of this procedure, sprouts may hatch, which means that it is impossible to delay planting. The sprouts may dry out.

As a rule, seeds are soaked for no longer than a day. So you can carry out the soaking procedure a day before the scheduled planting.

Read about whether to soak the seeds before planting, and how to soak carrot seeds in vodka to speed up germination is described here.

How to prepare seeds for germination?

Compared to other root vegetables, carrots do not grow well. The probability of emergence of carrots is approximately 55-75% (how to increase germination?). Therefore, carrots are prepared not only for sowing, but also for soaking. Preparation of carrot seeds for soaking takes place in two stages:

  1. selection;
  2. disinfection.

If you need to germinate carrot seeds before planting, find out here.


Selection implies the identification of non-fertile seeds that will not yield a harvest.... When selecting, the seed is soaked in a glass of water with the addition of one teaspoon of salt and infused for fifteen minutes.

After the time has elapsed, empty seeds float up and are removed. The rest of the seeds are removed from the glass, washed and dried.

Also, the selection excludes seeds that have been stored for more than one year. When old seeds are planted, the chances of germination are extremely small.


Disinfection is carried out in order to protect the seed from infection. There are several ways to disinfect:

  • One way is to soak the seeds in a 1% solution of potassium permanganate for 30 minutes.
  • Also, the seeds of the root crop are soaked in a solution of boric acid. One gram of boric acid is diluted in five liters of water.
  • Hydrogen peroxide can be used for disinfection. To do this, in a 2% peroxide solution, the seeds are kept for ten minutes.

How to properly and in what to perform soaking for the fastest germination?

The soaking process is not complicated at all, it does not require special efforts and knowledge. This procedure will require inventory such as:

  • container for soaking;
  • gauze;
  • kitchen thermometer.


  1. Before soaking, the seeds must first be sprinkled.
  2. On a small piece of gauze, spread the seeds in a thin layer and cover with another piece of gauze.
  3. Next, the gauze is placed in a saucer or container, depending on the size of the gauze. The size of the gauze depends on the number of seeds.
  4. The seed bag is filled with water so that the gauze is completely immersed in water. To soak the seed, you need high-quality water, preferably spring water. If there is none, then settled water from the tap will do, and its temperature should be 40 degrees.

Important! The container in which the seeds are soaked should be in a dark, cool, but not cold room.

The soaking process lasts 2 days.... The good thing about this process is that it accelerates seed germination by filling them with liquid. Allows, within a day after soaking, to determine the quality of seeds, according to the amount of germinated product.

Folk remedies

In addition to the classical methods of soaking seeds, there are also folk ones. These methods are born through experimentation and are passed on between gardeners. There are a lot of such methods and each of them is different from each other.

In potassium permanganate

For soaking carrots, it is better to use a 2% solution of potassium permanganate... To do this, you need to do the following:

  1. take one teaspoon of potassium permanganate and dilute in two glasses of warm water;
  2. the seeds are poured into a gauze bag and placed in the solution for 20 minutes, then the seeds are taken out and dried on a canvas cloth.

reference... The considered method of soaking carrot seeds is good in that manganese quickly penetrates into the plant and quickly absorbs possible infections.

You can learn more about how to soak seeds in potassium permanganate from the video:

In hydrogen peroxide

  1. Add 1 tablespoon of peroxide to 500 ml of water and mix thoroughly. As a rule, seeds are soaked in gauze or cloth bags. In this case, you can use a paper towel or napkin.
  2. The seeds are laid out in a saucer or plate and filled with a solution for 12 hours.
  3. To prevent seed deterioration, the water should be changed every 4 hours.

Soaking in a peroxide solution helps to develop immunity to various diseases in the root crop, and the planting material germinates faster.

Ash solution

In this case, the solution itself requires preparation. To prepare the solution, you will need:

  1. Dissolve 2 tablespoons of ash in one liter of water at room temperature, then the solution is infused for a day.
  2. During the day, the solution is periodically stirred.
  3. After a day, the solution with ash is filtered and poured into a suitable container.

A bag of seeds is placed in a strained solution and kept in it for three hours.

Ash has a very good effect on the emergence of the root crop.

Aloe solution

To prepare this solution, only the lower leaves of the aloe flower are cut:

  1. Dense and fresh plates of the plant are selected and placed in the refrigerator for a week.
  2. After seven days, the leaves are squeezed out.
  3. Aloe juice is diluted with water in equal parts.

Carrot seeds are soaked for a day.

Aloe is not only a disinfectant: it significantly accelerates all metabolic processes in seed cells.

Is it possible in boiling water (hot water)?

For this procedure, you need to heat the water to 60 degrees and lower a gauze bag with seeds into it for thirty minutes. Soaking carrot seeds in boiling water promotes accelerated germination; already at the tenth minute, small seed shoots can be seen.

How to accelerate germination with dietary supplements?

Biological active additives every year become more popular among vegetable growers and not only. Growth stimulants provide an opportunity to get a rich harvest and improve the quality of vegetables and fruits grown. The most common dietary supplements are Epin, Humate and Zircon..


Carrot seeds are soaked for 24 hours in one hundred milliliters of boiled water with the addition of 4-6 drops of Epin.

Important! A highly concentrated solution can kill the sprouts.

This drug not only stimulates germination, it also stimulates the development of the root system, increases the yield, affects the growth of the root crop.


To prepare the solution, you will need to dissolve a third of a teaspoon of the drug in one liter of warm boiled water. The seed is soaked for a day... This mineral fertilizer, which accelerates the ripening process, significantly increases the immunity of the root crop to negative factors.


To prepare a solution with Zircon, you need to dissolve two drops of the active substance in 300 milliliters of water. Carrot seeds are soaked for 8 to 18 hours in a dark room at room temperature.

The process of preparing such a solution has its own nuances.:

  • When mixing the solution, do not use galvanized dishes.
  • To begin with, a third of the required amount of water is poured into the container, the drug is added, then everything is mixed, and only then the rest of the water is poured.
  • The water used should not contain alkali, so a couple of drops of lemon juice are added to the water.
  • The prepared solution is active only during the first day.

Zircon is a broad spectrum drug. Helps plants recover from frost, hypothermia, helps fight pests, fungal infections, protects plants from stress while not inhibiting root crop growth.


  • Using plain water... There are many harmful elements in the composition of running water, soaking seeds in such water, the expected effect will be difficult to achieve. It is better to use spring or melt water. Even if there is none, you can boil running water and let it settle.
  • Use of expired seed... Expired seeds simply won't germinate, quality material plays the most important role. Therefore, it is simply necessary to keep track of the deadlines.
  • Soaking dry seeds in a solution of potassium permanganate... Before soaking the seeds in potassium permanganate, they must be prepared by soaking them in water. If you soak dry seeds, then they will absorb manganese and the embryos simply die. In such a solution, only prepared seeds are soaked for disinfection from the outside and then thoroughly washed.
  • Overheating of seeds when processing with boiling water... This procedure is needed in order to heat the seed and push it to germinate. A very high temperature will kill the fetus. To determine the set temperature, a special kitchen thermometer is used, if this is not the case, then it is better to use a different method of soaking.
  • Soaking too long... When soaking for a long time, the seeds need oxygen after swelling, if oxygen has not been obtained, then the seeds may "suffocate". In order not to overexpose the seed, you need to know exactly the time limit for soaking.

There are many ways to prepare seeds for planting. And each method gives a good result. You can only determine the most suitable for yourself by experiment. Each of them is different from the other and is good in its own way. Also, each has its own subtleties and nuances.

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