Rules and features of caring for the Sogo Relax, Yukidan, Lawrence orchid and its other varieties

Rules and features of caring for the Sogo Relax, Yukidan, Lawrence orchid and its other varieties

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Sogo orchids are especially beautiful and popular flowers. They fascinate with their originality and variety of colors of flowers, pleasant aroma.

From this article, the reader will learn about what varieties are, what are their peculiarities and how they differ from other varieties. And also given detailed instructions for caring for such an orchid at home.

History of origin

Sogo orchids obtained as a result of multiple crosses... The homeland of Sogo orchids is Australia, the northern part of the Philippines, southeast Asia. The story of the discovery of this miracle flower took place in the first quarter of the 19th century. At that time, the famous professor and director of the Leiden Botanical Garden, Karl Blume, while in the Malay archipelago, accidentally called the bright flowers of phalaenopsis a flock of moths. Since that time, the name of the butterfly flower has been attached to them.

Detailed description

Orchids of the Sogo species grow to medium sizes, together with a peduncle they can reach 80 cm, but there are dwarf and mini hybrids. Adult orchids have 6-7 leaves 8-10 cm long and up to 5 cm wide. The color of the leaf plates is interesting.

A feature of the species is belonging to variegated plants.... This concept refers to those plants that have a varied foliage color in the form of stripes. Their colors can be different, green-white, green-purple and red-green are more common. The stripes can run strictly in the middle or frame the edge of the sheet. But at the same time, the leaves are also monochrome.

Arrow with buds usually reaches 50-60 cm in height. But in mini phalaenopsis, the peduncle is shorter. The flowers of the Sogo representatives are large in diameter up to 15 cm, but in the mini they are 4-5 cm. They are not only beautiful, but also exotic. Petals with variegated shades are more common:

  • yellow-red;
  • purple;
  • crimson.

Often, a single Sogo orchid flower can have several shades.

What is the difference from other species?

  • The peduncle is long, so the plant needs support.
  • Leaves can be not only green, but also have multi-colored stripes. They can be very diverse: thin, bright, wide, blurred or in the form of a border.
  • Bright flowers are located on the peduncle in a cascade.
  • It is unpretentious, it is easy to care for it, observing the temperature regime, lighting, watering and feeding correctly.
  • It does not tolerate dampness and stuffiness, so it is necessary to ventilate the room even in winter, but you need to beware of drafts.

Plant varieties and photos

Look at the photo and video review of the flower and its varieties.


This variety is especially popular. The petals and lip have a rich, bright crimson color... The aroma of flowers is unobtrusive and pleasant.

Watch the video description of the Sogo Relax orchid:


The petals are bright red, bordered with yellow stripes. The lip is also red, found with a light purple or white edge.

Then watch a video about this "golden sun":


Flowers white or pink, rounded, wide spread, as if lacquered, shimmer in good lighting. The curly lip of a bright crimson color looks like a brooch against the background of delicate petals.

Here you can see what the beautiful Sogo Yukidan looks like:


Refers to variegated hybrids. Flowers fascinate with their unique color, petals are white or pink with crimson veins. The lip is crimson, curly. The leaves are dark green with a lighter edging, dense and shiny.

In this video, a description of the Sogo Vivienne orchid:


It amazes with its unusual, fabulous color of flowers. Pale yellow petals are covered with small red dots... The lip is characterized by a crimson color and a white border. Has a pleasant and light scent.

In this video, you can take a closer look at the Sogo Pony Orchid:


This is a dwarf plant, produces an arrow up to 20-25 cm. Petals of a bright yellow color are dotted with large purple dots. A bright crimson lip stands out against their background.


The flowers are distinguished by a rich dark crimson shade, lacquered, as if covered with wax. The lip has the same color. Each bud blooms for over a month.


They are distinguished by wax flowers of a rich crimson color; against the background of the petals, the lip is almost invisible.

See an overview of the Sogo Grape orchid variety:


The petals and lip are bright crimson. The peculiarity of this species is a pleasant, pronounced smell.


When and how?

Blossom at any time of the year... The buds are large, of unusual color, arranged on the peduncle with a garland (a feature of this species).

Features of care before and after

Before the appearance of flowers, it is necessary to strictly observe the temperature regime during the day up to 25 degrees and a slight drop at night up to 18-20 degrees. Orchids love diffused, soft light. In winter, you need to additionally illuminate the plants with fluorescent lamps for about 1 to 3 hours.

Important! After flowering, the Sogo orchid should be taken to a cool place and watering should be reduced.

What if it doesn't bloom?

There are several reasons:

  • There is no natural temperature difference between day and night. In summer this happens naturally, but in winter and autumn it is necessary to reduce the night temperature by 3-5 degrees.
  • Nitrogen fertilizer was introduced in large quantities.
  • Waterlogging of the substrate. It is necessary to dry the soil between waterings.

Step by step care instructions:

Seat selection

It is better to place it on the northern windows. Plants from direct sunlight get burned and get sick.

Preparing the soil and pot

The pot is better to choose transparent and plastic... Make small holes at the bottom and side parts for good air and light access for the roots, through which excess moisture will also be removed. It is better to observe the state of the root system through transparent pots.

Usually, the planting container is bought in medium size. One drawback to these pots is their unattractive appearance. But this can be corrected by placing the pot in a planter special for orchids.

Orchid planting soil is usually bought in flower shops. It contains all the components that are necessary for plant growth. You can prepare the substrate with your own hands. Use drainage, charcoal and sphagnum moss.

Attention! The choice of soil must be taken responsibly, the growth and development of orchids depends on it.


These are heat-loving plants. They grow well and bloom at a temperature of 20-28 degrees.


The peculiarity of plants is that they need humidity in the range of 50-60%. In summer and spring, in hot weather, it is advisable to spray the plants.... The procedure must be carried out carefully so that water does not get into the sinuses and rosettes of the leaves.


Plants in the fall and winter need to extend the daylight hours. For this, special fluorescent lamps are used. In spring and summer, when the weather is hot, it is recommended to shade the windows.


In hot weather, it is enough to water once a week, in the autumn-winter period, once every ten days. It is advisable to water in the morningso that the substrate dries up by the evening and the excess moisture evaporates.

If the roots of the orchid turn grayish brown, then you can water.

Top dressing

The plants are fed together with watering once every 2 weeks with a special fertilizer for orchids. It can be purchased at a flower shop. Top dressing mode: one irrigation with plain water, the second with fertilizer. When the buds appear, it is better not to feed the orchid.


If you bought a new orchid, then it is better to transplant it right away.... This procedure must be carried out carefully.

  1. For transplanting, you need to choose a pot 2-3 cm larger in diameter than the previous one.
  2. Carefully remove the orchid, crush the sides of the pot or tap on the bottom. If the roots have grown firmly to the wall of the pot, then you need to draw along its edge, easily separating the earthen lump. There are times when it is impossible to free the plant from the pot, then you can simply cut the container.
  3. Then remove the old substrate with your hands.
  4. Orchid roots, together with an earthy clod, must be soaked in succinic acid and checked. If there are damaged and rotten roots, remove. Disinfect the cut sites with charcoal powder.
  5. For the prevention of diseases, the roots of the plant can be treated with a 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide.
  6. The new pot should be filled one-fourth with drainage material and the orchid bush should be lowered into it. Fill the remaining space with the substrate without pushing.

Attention! For processing containers and tools, it is necessary to use a copper sulfate solution.

It is necessary to water and feed the plant immediately after transplanting.

How to propagate?

Florists propagate Sogo orchids by seed or cuttingsthat appear after flowering. You can independently breed an orchid with children (small shoots). The procedure is best done in late winter or early spring.

  1. We select a healthy adult plant. The peduncle should be still fresh, not dry.
  2. With a knife on the peduncle, the top is cut off to the dormant bud.
  3. We place a new shoot in a previously prepared container.
  4. We fill the substrate for 4 minutes for disinfection.
  5. The plant needs to recover, so watering is stopped for several days.

Diseases and pests

  • Spider mite envelops the entire plant with its cobwebs. It multiplies rapidly. Florists use a phytoverm solution from the pest. Spray the orchid 3 times with an interval of 8 days.
  • Mealybug... The pest must be removed from the plant with a napkin. Urgently treat the leaves with an insecticide, such as confidor. The drug should be used according to the instructions.

Prevention of various problems

  • Observe the temperature and humidity conditions. Ventilate the premises frequently.
  • It is necessary to install containers with plants on the grates to completely remove excess water.
  • Handle pots and tools when transplanting.

As seen Sogo orchids are not whimsical to care for... Every amateur florist can create conditions for the growth and development of plants, cope with transplantation, multiplication of hybrids and defeat pests. For this, orchids will thank him with unique flowers and leaves. May luxurious orchids always be healthy and bring beauty and comfort to your home or office.

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