✅ Guest from Holland - Colombo potato variety

✅ Guest from Holland - Colombo potato variety

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Recently, many gardeners have begun using hybrid early and ultra-early potato varieties.

One of these varieties is the "Colomba" variety, which our gardeners call "Colombo".

Characteristics of the Colombo potato variety

The Colombo potato variety was developed by the Dutch breeders of HZPC Holland B. V. The variety passed all the necessary procedures and in 2013 was entered into the State Register of Breeding Achievements approved for use in Russia. The registration number of this variety is No. 8954449.

According to the register, this variety belongs to the very early ripeness group. Ripening period is 55 to 65 days... An early marketable crop can be harvested after 35 days. In terms of use, "Colombo" refers to table varieties. By type of plant - to plants resistant to cancer and golden potato nematode.

The keeping quality of the variety is up to 95%. The marketability of the variety is 81-98% of the yield.

The planting depth of tubers in the variety is average. The distance between the ridges should be about 75 cm.The distance between the bushes in the ridge should be from 25 to 35 cm.

Description and photo

Tubers have a rounded-oblong shape. The mass of a commercial tuber is from 82 to 132 grams. The color of the peel and pulp of the tuber is yellow. In total, one bush can have up to 15 tubers. The eyes on the tuber are small (up to 0.2 mm).

The potato is an upright shrub up to 55 cm high. The oblong leaves are dark green in color. The corolla of potato flowers are white.

Taste qualities

Since the "Colombo" variety belongs to table varieties, it can be used for the preparation of any dishes... According to the classification of classes and groups in cooking, it belongs to type A / B, that is, to salad and universal varieties.

After boiling, the potatoes are non-crumbly or slightly crumbly. Has an excellent taste. Tasting score of boiled potatoes 6 points out of 9.

According to the company "HZPC Holland B. V." potatoes contain only (10.3-15)% starch.

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Where is the best place to grow?

The Colombo variety is intended for cultivation in the following regions of Russia:

  • Central District;
  • Northwest region;
  • Central Black Earth Region;
  • Volgo-Vyatka region;
  • North Caucasian region.

But, as practice has shown, this variety is undemanding to the composition of the soil and climatic conditions, and it can be grown in other regions of Russia.

Planting methods

According to Olga Leskova, Production Director of HZPC Sadokas, the methods of planting the Colombo variety are:

  • ridges;
  • beds.

The main thing when planting is to properly warm up and germinate the seed material. And also plant potatoes in warm soil. Otherwise, there will be no good harvest.


It differs from other varieties "Colombo" in a stable yield. The average yield is 10-15 tubers. The average weight of one tuber is 100-110 grams. With good care, up to 2 kg of potatoes can be harvested from the bush, and 220-420 centners from one hectare.

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Advantages and disadvantages

super early maturation;

the possibility of growing in the southern regions twice a season;

good adaptability to various climatic conditions, average drought resistance;

unpretentiousness to soil;

resistance to common potato diseases;

stable yield;

good preservation of the crop;

the possibility of mechanization of harvesting, packing and transportation;

excellent presentation and taste;

universal culinary purpose.

low resistance to fungal and bacterial diseases. This is what determines the need for cleaning no later than 60 days from the moment of planting. Otherwise, the tubers may be damaged by diseases.


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