Top 5 sweet and hot peppers for greenhouses

Top 5 sweet and hot peppers for greenhouses

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Many varieties of pepper are southern guests, so special conditions must be created for their cultivation. A greenhouse is perfect for these purposes.

Let's decide which types of pepper to give preference to in order to get an excellent greenhouse harvest.

Apricot Favorite

Representatives of the species have a conical shape, a smooth and shiny skin and a bright apricot color when ripe. The weight of one fruit is 150-200 grams.

Main characteristics:

  • Productivity 10-12 kg from 1 square meter.
  • The fruits are ready for consumption 100 days after germination.

In general, the Apricot Favorite is an unpretentious plant, but requires certain feeding.

low bush;

ideal for small areas;

good productivity;


has an attractive appearance;

does not require much effort to grow.

it is necessary to thin out the bushes;

susceptible to insect attack;

sensitive to light conditions.

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Small compact bushes with abundant foliage and prism-shaped fruits with waves and ribs. In a state of technical maturity, the fruits are green, after full ripening they are red. The size is large, up to 15 cm long and weighing 120-150 grams... Has a sweetish juicy taste and pleasant aroma.

Main characteristics:

  • High yield - 10 kg per 1 square meter.
  • Refers to the company of early ripening - from germination to the first harvest takes 100-120 days.

In care, it requires special attention to lighting, otherwise it tolerates standard growing conditions.

high level of productivity;

good presentation of fruits;

tolerates illness;

versatile in use;

early maturing;

does not require special care.

picky about lighting;

picky about watering;

often affected by apical rot.

Belladonna F1

Large rich yellow fruits are juicy, sweet and aromatic. The vegetables are great for salads, soups and stews.

The fruits are cube-shaped, 11 cm long and 8-10 wide. The mass of each pepper is 120-140 cm.

Main characteristics:

  • Productivity - 4.5-5 kg ​​of fruits from 1 square meter.
  • Kind of early ripe peppers: the first fruits appear 90 days after germination.

universal purpose;

interesting taste;

beautiful fruits;

resistance to viruses;

tolerates transportation well;

it is a hybrid and therefore not suitable for harvesting seeds.

Double abundance

This is a hybrid with an average fruit weight of 50-80 grams.... It has an elongated cylindrical shape with a diameter of 18-20 cm and is red. Pepper fruits are spicy and have a pungent taste.

early maturing;

bears fruit for a long time;

produces many fruits at the same time;


good appearance;

tolerates transportation well.

picky about watering;

picky about lighting.

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Astrakhan 628

The bush grows up to 50 cm in height, has cone-shaped fruits, located one at a time. Fruit length up to 10 cm, weight - 20 grams... The color can be red and green. The taste is spicy, intense, the aroma is pronounced.

Main characteristics:

  • Has a high yield - 1.5 kg of fruits from one bush.
  • Mid-season variety - the crop will appear 120-145 days after seed germination.

attractive appearance;

excellent keeping quality;

convenient sizes;

resistant to adverse conditions;

immunity to disease;

good taste;

medicinal properties.

Sensitive to light levels.

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