Interesting ideas for greenhouses for seedlings: what you can do with your own hands and what are the ready-made options

Interesting ideas for greenhouses for seedlings: what you can do with your own hands and what are the ready-made options

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A small garden all year round is the dream of many owners.

In order to enjoy the first harvest in early spring and prepare for planting, greenhouses for seedlings are useful.

Seedlings are kept at home

Sowing seedlings is carried out at home. To do this, you will need a prepared container, which will form a mini-greenhouse. For such purposes, plastic cups or small pots are often used.

After sowing, it's time to cover the molds with foil or boxes to create a constant humid microclimate with a stable temperature. This is what one of the types of greenhouses is needed for.

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Do it yourself

It is not necessary to spend money on purchasing a ready-made greenhouse. It can be assembled by yourself. It is very convenient when the molds have a solid construction. This prevents accidental drops and allows for equal care.

To collect such a mini-greenhouse, you need a pallet, the size of which you determine yourself. This could be a large tray. The so-called "cassettes" for seedlings are placed on it. They can also be thirty, fifty or more sections.

The next step is to close the greenhouse. To do this, you need a stiff wire, from which you need to make a frame reinforcement for the film. The end is the very tension of the film and the closing of the mini-greenhouse. Its convenience lies in its size and portability. It is always under your supervision, compact and serves as intended.

Purchase ready-made

For those who do not want or cannot bother with collecting nurseries, there are ready-made models. It can be purchased from small - 12 sections to large-sized. Ready-made mini greenhouses look the same as homemade ones. At least they are extremely similar to their fellows.

The finished greenhouse consists of a pallet, seed cassettes and a plastic top... For a home, it is also convenient to choose a small greenhouse for seedlings, which will accommodate up to 20 units.

Seedlings are kept on the site

In addition to home planting, many housewives like to use greenhouses on their site. This opens up more possibilities. Greenhouses differ from greenhouses, first of all, in size.

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Do it yourself

Unlike home mini-greenhouses, greenhouses are located outdoors. And they even more need a stable microclimate and protection from external factors.

To create greenhouses, wooden planks and film are used. A reinforcement is built of wood, shaped like a box or a house, it is covered with a film. For easy access to seedlings, it is better to equip the greenhouse with a removable cover.

The film cover can be replaced with polycarbonate.

Polycarbonate is a higher level of greenhouse structures. The material is more durable and resistant to different weather conditions. While the film can tear under gusts of wind and let in the destructive cold, polycarbonate reliably protects plants from rain, late snow and frost.

The size and shape can be changed depending on the size of the plot and the number of seedlings.

Purchase a ready-made mini-greenhouse for a plot

If you don't want to tinker with your own hands, then you can buy ready-made designs. They look like a mini greenhouse. Metal is used for the frame, and polyethylene is used for the covering. Both pots and cassettes can be conveniently placed on the shelves. The outside closes and opens from top to bottom. This allows you to take care of the seedlings on time.

The choice of the type of greenhouse or greenhouse is a master's business. Everyone chooses for himself - to make a greenhouse with his own hands or to buy.

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