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Hello! We are looking for partners willing to buy our advertising space. If you do not want to read this description, media kit and price list for a long time, just write directly to the personal mail of our marketing manager [email protected] (it's like a personal manager, only cooler), and he will tell you everything without water and answer all your questions.

The target audience

  • Number of unique visitors per month - 470 thousand +.
  • Visitor Source - 92% + from search engines. Completely organic traffic.
  • Portal audience - women (over 75%), from 25 to 34 (23%), from 35 to 44 (21%), from 55 (20%).
  • Devices from which they visit the site more often - smartphones, 65% +.

What products do we offer

For our partners we offer:

  1. Banner placement of advertising materials.
  2. Widget for getting Leads.
  3. Native integrations of your brand in articles.
  4. And, of course, full branding.

We also offer you placement not only on this site, but also on other projects of the same subject of our holding. Read more in the media kit.

Media kit and price list - here.

All questions to Mikhail [email protected]

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