Tinctures and decoctions of garlic for treatment. What diseases does it help against, and how is it dangerous to health?

 Tinctures and decoctions of garlic for treatment. What diseases does it help against, and how is it dangerous to health?

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Garlic has long been considered a powerful remedy against diseases, especially infectious diseases. Bad breath after eating garlic makes treatment impractical, and patients prefer drugs and pills. Let's see if garlic is so effective, and in what form it is better to take it. This article will tell you about the benefits and dangers of garlic, what is the maximum dosage of garlic, for which diseases you need to take the product, and for which you should not, as well as about several useful recipes using garlic.

Benefits and harms: how does it affect the body?

Any product can both harm and benefit, because the human body is individual and the effect of products does not depend on many factors. Certain effects are observed for women, men and children.

For men:

  • increased testosterone levels (read about the effect of garlic on potency here);
  • prevention of men's health;
  • normalization of digestion and bile secretion;
  • increased immunity.

For women:

  • normalization of digestion;
  • restoration of health of nails, hair, skin (we wrote about the use of garlic for hair here).

For children:

  • accelerated protein synthesis, resulting in the growth of body tissues;
  • normalization of sleep and awakening;
  • improving oral health.

We wrote in more detail about the benefits and dangers of garlic for the body in this article, and why you want garlic and what the body lacks in this case, you can read in another material.

Difference in the composition of a boiled, fried, or raw vegetable

Basically, there is no difference between fried or boiled food. She either draws water into herself, or, on the contrary, gives it away. Certain foods can interact with the constituents of garlic and form stable compounds.

What does a sprouted vegetable affect?

Such garlic will have a lot of fiber, which has a positive effect on digestion. If consumed raw, then all vitamins and trace elements will be delivered to the body unchanged. It is advisable for people with ulcers or gastritis not to consume this product on an empty stomach. We talked about sprouted garlic in a separate article.

What does the husk help from?

Husk can help get rid of skin problems (acne, blackheads, all sorts of ulcers). In order for the husk to be useful, it must be finely chopped or ground with a blender into fine dust, and then soaked in clean water or celandine broth for several hours until the husk absorbs water. Then you need to put the whole mass in cheesecloth and wipe the lesions with it, moistening the cheesecloth in the prepared broth.

We suggest you watch a video about the benefits of garlic peels:

Daily maximum dosage

The effect on the human body is as follows: garlic has a direct effect on the acidity of the stomach. When any food is eaten, the taste buds signal the gastrointestinal tract what concentration of gastric juice needs to be prepared in order to digest the given food. If you eat too much garlic on an empty stomach, the acidity will increase and can harm the stomach wall or cause heartburn. If it were not for this fact, the body would always choose the highest concentration in order to definitely digest all the food.

Do not consume more than 120 grams of a vegetable at a time, then you will definitely not have problems with side effects.

Do I need to take it every day?

If a person has indigestion, allergies, individual intolerance to the composition, then it is better to limit garlic or completely refuse, and in all other cases, the only problem will be bad breath.

Reference! Garlic is rich in magnesium, which increases stress resistance, and calcium, which is beneficial not only for bones and teeth, but also for the health of the central nervous system.

We wrote in this article about what will happen to the body if you eat garlic every day.

In what diseases can a body odor appear?

First of all, it is poisoning. The heat and the smell of eaten food that comes out with sweat is mixed with acetone, which sometimes accompanies poisoning. This creates the smell of garlic or stale onions. With atrophy or dysfunction of the sebaceous glands, a similar smell is also observed, because sebum is similar in smell to garlic. In more detail about why there is a smell from the body, from the mouth or secretions after using garlic, as well as whether it is dangerous, we wrote here.

Why does it heal?

Despite its small size, garlic contains a small amount of water, so the amount of nutrients per 100 grams will be higher than that of other vegetables. It turns out that garlic is a kind of concentrated vitamin complex of natural origin. In addition, it contains glutamine, a precursor of vitamin C, which is the main immunomodulator and supports the body during illness.

Contraindications for medicinal purposes

Contraindications for the use of garlic:

  1. pregnancy (after all, some substances can harm the fetus);
  2. lactation;
  3. allergy;
  4. a stomach or duodenal ulcer;
  5. hypozhelemia.

It is worth remembering that garlic thins the blood and lowers blood pressure. If you have low blood pressure, then you need to carefully use it, and in no case mix it with cranberries, which also thin the blood. Also, after using garlic, stomach ache, heartburn, swelling and nausea may occur. Read why this is happening in a separate article.

Healing properties

  • Gastrointestinal tract... Normalizes the production of enzymes and bile.
  • Prostatitis... Helps to relieve inflammation from the prostate gland and relieve the patient's condition. Read more about this here.
  • Respiratory tract diseases... It can help eliminate phlegm (we wrote about the treatment of cough with garlic here).
  • Diseases of the skin... Normalizes the work of the sebaceous glands (read about the use of garlic for herpes, against acne and psoriasis, read here).
  • In case of cardiovascular diseases... It thins the blood, thereby making the work of the heart fit and lowering blood pressure (read more about the use of garlic from pressure here, and in this article we talked about cleaning blood vessels with garlic).
  • Excretory system... Cystitis is easily eliminated by any form of garlic, because magnesium is an essential element that supports kidney function. Hemorrhoids can also be treated with garlic compresses or taken orally to normalize the intestinal microflora (you can find all the recipes for using garlic for hemorrhoids here).
  • What heals in gynecology: the vegetable has the ability to kill microbes and therefore is effective for a variety of vaginal infections.
  • Joint treatment... The fiber in garlic helps deliver all of the micronutrients unchanged. You need to prepare the garlic oil. Grind 500 grams of peeled cloves in a blender and pour in 100 grams. sunflower oil. Let the resulting mixture brew for several hours and rub the problem area.

Myth or truth: as a folk remedy for strengthening the immune system?

Specifically, we will debunk all the myths and misconceptions that relate to this "magic remedy" Does it kill viruses, is it a medicine in the usual sense of the word? Not. But it helps the body to mobilize its resources and focus its forces in the fight against viruses. Magnesium is a natural stimulant of the central nervous system, which is why it helps to eliminate the disease so quickly. You can find all the details on the use of garlic to boost immunity here.

Can you get rid of a cold with it?

Garlic removes phlegm and disinfects the oral cavity... Vitamins and trace elements accelerate protein synthesis, tissue repair and improve the functioning of immune cells. Read about the benefits of garlic for colds and flu in a separate article.

Does it affect cancer cells?

Contrary to myth, garlic does not stop cancer cells from multiplying, but it can slow down the course of the disease so that medications work faster and better. If you have a suspicion of cancer or a predisposition to it, garlic will only serve as a preventive measure, but not the main method of treatment. Read about what and how garlic can help against cancer, read here.

What is dangerous for the human body?

Everything is poison and everything is medicine. With this phrase, Paracelsus wanted to say that everything should be in moderation. With overuse of garlic, these side effects can be observed.:

  • inflammation of the inner wall of the oral cavity;
  • heartburn;
  • indigestion;
  • violation of stomach acidity;
  • nausea;
  • diarrhea and diarrhea.

Recipes for funds

Consider what kind of medicines you can make at home, and how to do it.

Garlic Tibetan Tincture

Components of the legendary Tibetan garlic tincture:

  • fresh garlic - 400 g;
  • ethyl alcohol - 250 ml.

Cooking process:

  1. Wash the garlic.
  2. Grind it with a garlic clover.
  3. Put the prepared mass, about 200 grams in a jar and add alcohol.
  4. Close the suck tightly, shake it.
  5. It is necessary to insist in a cool place without access to light for 10 days.
  6. Filter the liquid through a gauze cloth.
  7. Squeeze out.

After that, the tincture is ready for use. It is recommended to undergo a course of treatment, and use up the entire volume of the tincture in 20 days as prescribed, since then it loses its effectiveness. You will find many recipes for medicinal garlic infusions in this material.

We suggest you watch a video about the preparation of Tibetan garlic tincture:


Compresses can be made on the basis of alcohol or on the basis of ordinary pure water.... Hulls and other vegetables or herbs (onions, herbs, potato wrap) can be added to minced garlic.

Reference! You can apply a gauze compress both cold and hot, the main thing is not to overexpose for longer than 20 minutes, because this reduces the effectiveness and disrupts the water balance.

In folk medicine, garlic is widely used to remove warts and papillomas. We talked about this in separate articles on our portal.


The easiest way to use the broth is to make soups and broths based on this product. The main thing is not to exceed the permissible dosage so that the broth does not come out too hot.

What is the right way to consume it on an empty stomach for health?


The the method can help eliminate oral infectionssuch as stomatitis, caries. It is not recommended to put garlic under the tongue so as not to cause burning and irritation of the mucous membrane of the tongue. Why and how to suck garlic in the morning on an empty stomach for medicinal purposes, read here.

With kefir for the night

This can help relieve constipation or indigestion. At night, the body is dominated by catabolic processes, so what matters is what foods are eaten before bedtime. Kefir, like garlic, has a beneficial effect on the microflora of the stomach. We talked about this in more detail in a separate article, and you will learn about the benefits and dangers of a mixture of kefir with garlic here.

Swallowing whole

Such the method helps with dysbiosis... You need to finely chop the clove, but do not cut it into pieces. This is done in order to release the garlic juice. You need to swallow the head without chewing and drink it with water. Is it possible to swallow a clove of garlic whole at night or is it better to do it in the morning, as well as the benefits and dangers of this method of treatment, we talked about in another article.

Thus, we have considered everything about garlic: is it good to take it daily, what it heals, why is it dangerous. Despite the large number of myths and bad breath after eating garlic, it is an excellent seasoning and a useful addition to your favorite dishes, which will help maintain health and cure infectious diseases, if they have already been dealt with.

It is also very beneficial to breathe garlic. We talked about such inhalations in a separate article, and what the use of this product gives on an empty stomach, read here.

We suggest you watch a video about the benefits and dangers of garlic:

Watch the video: Garlic is More Powerful Than Antibiotics (May 2022).