How the first greens appear: parsley shoots

 How the first greens appear: parsley shoots

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Everyone is familiar with parsley, a biennial herb that is used by housewives to add a decorative look to dishes.

Also, parsley is useful because it contains a lot of vitamin C and A. Many people grow it in the beds or even on the windowsills of apartments.

Caring for it is simple, but you should pay attention to how to plant the parsley correctly and how to make it rise as soon as possible. You will learn about what determines the germination of seeds, as well as what to do to eat the seeds of a plant that do not germinate for a long time, in this article.

What determines the germination of seeds?

Parsley is not a culture that will take root in any conditions. And if this grass is sown incorrectly, it may not sprout. In order to be confident in the success of your crops, you need to know the reasons for a good harvest. There are several factors that affect seed germination:

  1. Storage periods... Different crops have different shelf life, so you should always pay attention to the expiration date indicated on the package. Seeds harvested from your garden should be stored in bags with the date of collection. It is advisable to use fresh seeds, but those that have been lying for 0.5-1.5 years are also suitable. Those that have been stored for more than 2 years are unlikely to germinate.
  2. Sowing dates... Parsley is a cold-resistant plant that can be planted at any time of the year. Most often sown in spring, the optimal period is April. Less often sown in summer or closer to winter, winter crops are also practiced in October. Planting parsley in the summer is suitable for the further sale of greens in the next season. To get an early harvest of parsley, it is planted closer to winter. In any case, the sowing time depends on the condition of the soil.
  3. Seed preparation... Before planting, it is advisable to treat the seeds for faster germination with a growth stimulant or using one of the methods that will be discussed later. But at the same time, do not forget that improper actions during processing can lead to undesirable consequences, up to the fact that the parsley does not rise at all.
  4. Soil for planting... Before sowing, the soil should be well loosened, preferably filled with organic fertilizers. Also, for parsley, it is advisable to choose those beds on which onions, cucumbers or tomatoes were previously grown. As mentioned above, planting timing depends on the soil. As soon as the snow has melted, you can sow seeds (at a temperature of 1-1.5 degrees Celsius).
  5. Planting depth... Deepening seeds also cause late and uneven emergence. It is necessary to plant to a depth of 1.5-2 cm in light soils and 1-1.5 cm in heavy ones. Sowing deeper will make it difficult for the seeds to break through the thick soil. If planted closer to the surface, then the roots of parsley will not be able to strengthen in the soil.
  6. Watering... Improper watering is dangerous for seeds. If, after sowing, water the beds with cold water abundantly, this will lead to the death of the seeds, and the resulting crust on the surface of the earth will kill future seedlings. After planting, you need to use a film that covers the beds until the first shoots appear.

    Attention! In dry soil, parsley will most likely not grow. Try to provide it with sufficient moisture both before and after the first sprouts. The film, which covers the beds before the sprouts appear, must be transparent. It must be removed after germination.

How and when does it rise?

Parsley seeds usually germinate for two to three weeks (15-20 days). This is due to the fact that their surface contains a large amount of essential oils that prevent moisture from penetrating to the embryo. It is for this reason that the soil must be constantly kept moist. But weather conditions also affect - for example, in warm weather, seedlings appear much earlier than in cold weather. If everything is done correctly, then after half a month you will be able to see the first leaves of your parsley.

A photo

Further on the photo you can see what the first shoots of parsley look like.

What if it doesn't germinate?

The lack of seedlings in most cases is associated with any of the factors mentioned earlier - that is, the seeds may be too old and already unsuitable for sowing, improperly planted or not provided with proper care. In order to prevent this, carefully study the seed packaging when buying and be careful about unproven methods of germinating parsley seeds.

And one more piece of advice: don't jump to conclusions! In some cases, parsley can sprout for a month.... Perhaps you just came across seeds with a very large amount of essential oils or those that are almost expired. Just try to wait, remembering to moisten the soil.

How to accelerate seed germination?

There are several ways to speed up seed germination. The most popular and current ones will be presented here.

  1. Pour hot water over the seeds, and then soak them overnight in warm water (18-22 degrees). Pouring boiling water over is not recommended.
  2. This method requires vodka. The seeds should be sprinkled on a piece of gauze bandage and dipped in gauze in vodka or any other alcohol-containing solution for 15-20 minutes. Also, sometimes gasoline or another substance that dissolves essential oils is used for this purpose. Then remove and rinse well under running water so as not to leave alcohol on the seed.
  3. The method consists in the fact that the seeds are placed in a tissue bag and buried in damp earth for several days.
  4. They can also be tempered. To do this, wrap them in gauze or soft cloth and spill with a solution of potassium permanganate. When the first sprouts appear, put them in the refrigerator for a couple of weeks, remembering to regularly moisten the cloth with warm water. Then they can be safely sown into the soil.

Attention! If you chose the second method, then do not forget that you cannot keep the seeds in vodka for more than 20 minutes, otherwise they will die.

The effectiveness of all methods is explained by the fact that when processing with hot water and alcohol, the same thing happens - the seed shell, consisting of essential oils, is removed. And they, in turn, prevent water from penetrating inside. Soaking overnight and burying in the ground in a bag helps to keep the seeds moist enough for early germination and maximum germination.

Using any of these methods will help you achieve the first shoots of parsley in 5-10 days.

The first greens appear in 3 hours - is it possible?

There is a method on the Internet that supposedly gives very fast shoots.

  1. Sprinkle the soil for planting parsley with quicklime, dig up.
  2. Repeat the procedure one more time, then plow the soil with a hand cultivator.
  3. Soak parsley seeds for 12 hours in warm milk (about 37 degrees), then dry a little and sow.
  4. Moisten the soil well.

It is believed that with the correct procedure, seedlings can appear in three hours. But is it true?

In fact, this method does not work. Perhaps soaking in milk gives any results, but in no case should you sprinkle the earth with lime! Being in the composition of the soil, it will simply kill the seeds, and there will be no shoots.

The minimum and maximum germination times for parsley, as well as how to influence the similarity, are discussed here.

When is it not worth waiting for?

The normal germination period for parsley is 15-20 days.... There are exceptions when you have to wait a whole month - for example, if the seeds or soil were dry, the seeds were planted too deep, etc. But if more than a month has passed, and there are no shoots, it means that you did something wrong and you will have to sow these greens again.

Today we are convinced that even when growing such an unpretentious culture like parsley, there are nuances and peculiarities. And with the wrong leaving of greens to the table, you will not wait. We hope this article helped you learn all the features of sowing such a delicious and healthy herb like parsley!



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