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Dried strawberries

Dried strawberries

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Question: what happened to my strawberry?

Good evening I recently bought a strawberry plant, it had a nice white flower and another little neighbor but in the last few days both of them have been bothersome, the leaves are just fine and growing enough ... what can it depend on?

Dried strawberries: Answer: the cultivation of strawberries.

Dear Roberta,
strawberries are small perennial herbaceous plants, ground covering, with a predominantly spring growth; generally they have large serrated leaves, whose greatest development is in March, April and May, when the plants also produce flowers and fruits; there are re-flowering varieties, whose continuous flowering for the whole spring period, and varieties with spring-only and sometimes autumnal flowering.
Plants as small as strawberries tend to use most of the nutrients they have stored to produce flowers and fruits, so it happens that by planting them right during the flowering period, the plant decides to give up the flowers it has already produced, for to devote himself to the production of a wider root system. In this way, the plant can then repeat the flowering, producing more flowers and more fruits.
Not having any description of where you placed it, nor where you bought it, it seems possible that the causes of the desiccation of the flowers are also other; often you buy small ground cover plants or for the vegetable garden in the supermarket, at the beginning of spring; these plants are often kept inside the supermarket itself, with nocturnal minimum temperatures already practically summer, above 20 ° C. so when we take one of these seedlings, and immediately place it in the garden, the minimum that can happen is that it loses its flowers, as the nocturnal lows in the garden are still very low, and in any case far from those present in the garden. inside the lanes of a shopping center.
Another reason why small flowers can be dried is the amount of water received from your strawberries: an excess of watering attracts gray mold, which can ruin leaves, flowers and fruits; a lack of watering, especially when it is a very small plant, can cause its rapid deterioration.
Strawberries love to be grown in the garden or in the garden, or even in large vases on the terrace; they prefer bright, but semi-shaded positions, as many hours of direct sunlight can excessively dry the soil. In fact, remember that these plants grow naturally in the undergrowth, sheltered by tall trees or shrubs, and are therefore not used to large amounts of direct sunlight per day.
They love a rich and fresh soil, very well drained, and good ventilation, as the high humidity and the low air exchange are friends of botrytis, or gray mold, sworn enemy of strawberries.


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