Spinach cultivation

Spinach cultivation

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Spinach cultivation:

Spinach is an easily cultivated leaf vegetable; consumption of the cooked product, however, leads to the need for a fairly large plot, to avoid obtaining inconsistent crops.
The soil must be well worked and mixed with little organic fertilizer: spinach tends to accumulate nitrogenous substances in the foliage, so it is advisable to avoid regular fertilization of the soil after sowing.
We will choose a plot in semi-shaded position, with well-drained and soft soil.
The seeds are sown directly at home, in rows, and thin out after germination, keeping only the most vigorous plants.
Spinach is sown in February-March, until April, late summer and early autumn; life cycles in the garden are around 60-75 days: 2-3 weeks after sowing, the largest leaves are harvested, when the head is well developed, it is collected all over, removing the root from the ground.
Watering must be regular, so as to keep the soil always fresh, if the garden is in a very dry place it is convenient to mulch the soil around the young plants with straw.