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Leaves fall into lemon

Leaves fall into lemon

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Question: Fall of the leaves in the lemon

Both on a dried-up lemon plant and in the current one, at a certain point all the leaves began to fall, despite the fact that they produce several buds and therefore flowers. The watering and the fertilizations seem to me regular and in winter it is repaired in a greenhouse with two walls constituted by walls of the roof terrace. I predict that this plant will also die. What can cause this phenomenon?
Thank you, P. Falciani

Answer: Fall of the leaves in the lemon

Dear Piergiuseppe,
since your lemon prepares the flower buds, until it suddenly dries up, the plant is properly cultivated; therefore the problem must occur in winter, when the plant begins to prepare the buds. It could simply be poor watering during the cold months, when the lemon remains closed in a greenhouse where the water does not penetrate the watering, and therefore waits for you to intervene by watering the ground; it often happens that plants that fear the cold, die not due to bad weather or frost, but due to the lack of water, especially during those days when outside the greenhouse there is frost and a beautiful sun, which warms the greenhouse (I confess which also happened to my lemon). So, it could be a simple problem due to watering, which the lemon loves even in the middle of winter, since usually in this period it is preparing the buds, when all the rest of the garden still seems to hibernate.
The problem could also be the winter, or the watering could be excessive just in winter; plants cultivated in pots such as lemon, which like to be watered all year round, force us to proceed without following certain fixed rules; to give you an example, we often hear problems like this: my ficus turned yellow and died, even though I watered it every seven days.
Plants are living beings, and therefore do not always have identical needs during the year; lemon watering should be provided when the soil is dry; therefore in June almost every day, in December, inside the greenhouse, once every 10-12 days, depends on the climate. To check if it is the case to water, it is advisable to put a finger in the ground, if it is fresh and moist, we postpone the watering for a couple of days.
If it is not in any way a problem related to water, we can hypothesize other problems, related however to contingent questions, given that your lemon, before decaying, was fine.
Speaking here of personal experiences, if you have a cat or a dog, they may have decided to give your lemon their excrements, with a sudden surplus of high concentration nitrogen, which instantly burned the plant's roots. Or maybe the beetles or other insects may have been placed in the vase, and the roots of your sapling have been eaten for weeks, until they were killed. In the first case, surely you should notice that someone has entered your small greenhouse; the second case occurs only by removing the plant from the pot.