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Selective weeding

Selective weeding

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Question: Can I use the herbicide in the garden?

I would like to give the selective weeding for garlic and onions. What do you recommend? But the plants are already developed: is it late? Thanks

Selective weeding: Answer: herbicides in the garden

Gentile Luciano,
herbicides are always unhealthy chemicals, which can become harmful if you decide to eat the treated plants, in addition to this, there are no selective herbicides to use in the garden; the selective herbicide that is used in the lawn, works only on the lawn, as it has the power to hit broadleaf plants more, and not those with a linear leaf, as indeed most of the plants used to form the turf. The herbicide less harmful to the environment, glyphosate, is a systemic herbicide, and is absorbed by the foliage, by all the plants that are hit by the jet with which it is vaporized; from the leaf, they go to the roots, and kill the plants. If it falls into the ground, this type of herbicide has no effect, and does not function as a herbicide if it is absorbed by the roots of the plants. Clear that this herbicide can not be used in the rows of plants of the garden, because, as accurate as you can be when you spread it, just a slight gust of wind, to move the jet from the weeds to your vegetables, with effects obviously deleterious.
Glyphosate is sometimes used in the preparation of the garden, when no plant has yet been sown or planted, and then is used to clean the soil of weeds, where the garden will be prepared tomorrow.
Wanting in the garden you can use anti-germ-killing herbicides, or products to be spread after the plants you are growing are already developed, and after you have cleaned the weeds; these herbicides work on seeds, are often granular, and work by inhibiting the possibility of germinating weed seeds that may have fallen to the ground. Before using this product, it is good that you go to check how long this herbicide remains active, because if its function is carried out for months, you will hardly be able to sow other things in the plot, once you have harvested onions and garlic.
If the ground is not much, you can simply remove the weeds by hand, and then mulch the area between the rows of vegetables with straw, or with the appropriate sheets (there are also biodegradable ones), so as to inhibit the development of additional plants weeds. Clear that the work on your part is definitely less, but in this way you will not inject any chemical into the soil of your garden.